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Text Alerts

Bayou Soccer recognizes the importance of timeliness in alerting our members of updates on inclement weather, program updates, and more.

We utilize a free service called Rainedout to notify our membership of field closures.


Everyone who signs up for the Mass Text Alert System will receive the notification directly to their mobile phone. 

In the event of inclement weather or poor field conditions after inclement weather, we will close the complexes. We will post all closures on our Facebook page and send out a mass text message to all programs involved. 


To sign up for the Mass Text Alert System simply text the following program keyword(s) to 84483:

♦ HTSA Competitive Programs ► HTSACOMP

♦ HTSA Recreational Programs ► HTSAREC

♦ HTSA Academy Programs ► HTSAACAD

♦ HTSA Bayou Black Location ► HTSABB

Messages from HTSA will begin with 'FR: HTSA'


We are hopeful that this will streamline our notification process. 


For further information on our Mass Text Alert System please contact Gabi Erny at

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