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Meet The Board

 As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, our Board consists of unpaid parent volunteers, embodying the spirit of community and selfless dedication. They lead the club with unwavering commitment, managing responsibilities that extend beyond their personal and professional lives, and family commitments. Contact them at (985) 868-3897 to connect with these devoted individuals shaping the future of Bayou Soccer.

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Clay Duplantis

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Clay Duplantis is a licensed USSF National "C" coach with over 30 years of soccer experience, hailing from the bayous of Bourg. He coaches both Blackhawks and recreational teams. As President, Clay created and implemented our club's comprehensive rebranding from HTSA to BSC to unite and propel our club forward. With a vested interest, he has an 8-year-old stepson currently playing in the club, and we hope to see his 2.5-year-old join in the near future. Clay's passion and dedication for the game and the players underscores his commitment to the success and positive transformation of Bayou Soccer Club.

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Vice President

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Coming soon...


Kristen Magee

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Kristen, a dedicated CPA, not only excels in her role as Treasurer but has gone above and beyond her duties. Her commitment has been transformative for our club.

Together with her husband Tanner, advocated for soccer in our local community. Their relentless efforts resulted in the Parish's commitment which resulted in the establishment of new fields at Bayou Country Sports Park. Two of these fields boast state-of-the-art lights, a monumental achievement for our club.

Kristen and Tanner's triplet daughters actively play on our 2008 Blackhawks Girls team and Vandebilt Catholic. Her family's commitment and tireless dedication have illuminated the future of soccer in our community.


Grant Olivier

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Grant Olivier, a dedicated US Soccer National "D" Licensed Coach, takes on the crucial role of our Recreational Director. The significance of this position is comparable to a full-time job, yet Grant generously volunteers his time, going above and beyond his commitments to his own business, family, and coaching responsibilities, all to ensure the smooth operation of the club. His selfless dedication is a testament to his passion for the sport and commitment to the success of our players and community.


Jason Navarre

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Jason Navarre, a former player deeply rooted in the club and community, operates tirelessly behind the scenes, embodying a quiet yet formidable driving force for our organization. His commitment to the club goes beyond Board Member, as he diligently works to get things done without seeking praise. Jason's dedication is evident not only through his son Uriah playing on our Blackhawks team and Central Lafourche High School, but also in the invaluable contributions he makes as a member of the Board. His selfless efforts contribute to the success and growth of our club.


Matthew Pepper

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Matthew "Pepper" is our go-to guy on the board, known for his knack in connecting us with the right people for any task. Whether it's finding a reliable plumber or getting the fields fixed, Pepper has a contact. His passion for the club is palpable, evident not only in his role as the Corporate Sponsorship Executive but also in his extensive service on the Board and coaching recreational soccer since 2014. Both his sons, Drayton and Landon, actively play on our Blackhawks team and at CCA. Pepper's ability to navigate and fulfill our needs promptly makes him an invaluable asset to the club.


Dustin Spiers

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Dustin Spiers, an active member of the Board, brings reliability and dedication to our club. His son Wes is currently making his mark on the 2010 Blackhawks Gold and at Houma Christian. Dustin's commitment is evident through his consistent willingness to show up and contribute in any way possible.

Dustin volunteers his time to initiatives that propel us forward and ensure tasks are completed successfully. His support and active involvement make him an integral part of our community, contributing to the positive growth and success of our club.


Kevan Kaiser

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Kevan Keiser, the club's previous President, who took his role when few were willing to step up, showcasing his commitment to the club's well-being. His contributions to the Board are immeasurable, having served as President for numerous years. Beyond his role on the Board, Kevan is a devoted coach for Blackhawks and HLB High School Girls soccer teams, adding a dynamic touch to our sports community. Additionally, his wife Audra plays a vital role in our club's administrative operations. The Keiser duo's combined efforts have left and continue to leave an indelible mark on the success of our club.


Derricke Zehner

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Derricke Zehner, welcomed to the Board in 2023.  Derricke's input is always of sound and logical reasoning when decisions are being made about the club. His connection to the club goes beyond his role on the Board, as his son Dylan actively participates in the 2009 Blackhawks Gold team and at Vandebilt Catholic. As a dedicated parent, Derricke plays a crucial role in shaping the club's future success. Stay tuned for more updates on Derricke's continued impact as he contributes his expertise to further enhance the club's initiatives and direction.

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Alternate: Philip Dufrene

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Philip Dufrene, a valued addition to the Board since 2023, is a dedicated and familiar presence within our club. As a parent whose children actively play in the club, Philip's commitment goes beyond family involvement. His support is evident through his consistent and generous volunteerism, Philip stands out as one of the few volunteers upon whom the club can consistently rely on to paint and set up fields. As he embarks on his tenure with the Board, we anticipate and look forward to further contributions from Philip that will undoubtedly enhance the club's success.

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Brian Robicheaux

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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