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Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to us, due to the large number of inquiries, our response times will vary. Our goal is to respond to you within 24 - 48 hours (not including weekends).


Please choose from the following options...

For MOST inquiries, concerns, or complaints (registrations, league info, uniforms, deadlines, player admin, etc.) please email our Executive Administrator, Audra Keiser:

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For questions or concerns related to coaches and competitive team issues, please email our Director of Coaching, Coach Holly Moran:

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To contact the Club President, Coach Clay Duplantis, use the email below. Please Do Not 'cc' or contact the club President unless the issue warrants it. (Examples that may need his attention are club-wide issues, corporate sponsorship, Terrebonne Parish involvement, legal or ethical concerns, and media inquiries).

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