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HTSA is now using Blue Sombrero for all program registrations. We are hoping this will streamline the process and be much more user friendly than gotsoccer for our members.

In addition, players will now have the option to register for both Fall and Spring recreational leagues at one time. Just select both programs to add them to your order. A volume discount of $10 will be given to players registering for both seasons at one time.

If you already have an account in Blue Sombrero, you will not need to create a new one. Simply click on the link for registration and log into your account.

If you do not already have an account in Blue Sombrero, you will need to create one by clicking the register tab in the upper right hand corner of the registration page. If you have difficulty, please click HERE for detailed instructions on how to register through Blue Sombrero or you can click HERE for Blue Sombrero FAQ. You can also contact Gabrielle Erny to help with registration issues @ or 986-868-3897 ext. 3.

If you are going to volunteer to coach this season, please indicate so during the player registration process. There are updated registration requirements that will be implemented for our coaches and they have not been finalized by LSA yet. Please don't proceed with any "coach registration" until contacted by HTSA.

Recreational League Important Dates

Spring 2020 (January through beginning of April)

This registration program is open to all boys and girls born in years 2001-2015 who desire to play soccer with Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association this Fall and/or Spring season. 

Spring dates:

Spring Early Bird Discount ($5 discount) ends – November 22, 2019
Spring Regular Registration Ends – January 10, 2020
Spring Late Registration Begins ($10 more) – January 11, 2020
Spring Teams Released – January 19, 2020
Spring First Weekend of Games – February 1, 2020



All teams within the recreational league are coached by volunteer coaches. All coaches set their own practice schedule. HTSA recommends two practices per week. For players born 2014-2015, HTSA recommends that practices last no longer than 45 minutes. For players born 2010-2014, HTSA recommends practices of one hour/practice. For players born 2001-2009, practices can run from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour.

For  teams in the 5U/6U and 7U/8U divisions (players born 2012-2015),  HTSA makes a schedule for the season. All games will be scheduled at either the Lakes or the Bayou Country Sports Park. The majority of all games are scheduled for Saturday mornings.

For teams in the  9U/10U division (2010-2011),  HTSA provides a game schedule against HTSA teams and teams from Thibodaux, Lafourche and St. Charles. All home games will be played at either the Lakes or the Bayou Country Sports Park. The majority of all games are scheduled for Saturday mornings.

The goal is to have 8 games per team per season.

For teams in the 11U and older divisions (2001-2009), HTSA will attempt schedule games against teams from the surrounding areas in a league format. In addition, teams can schedule friendly matches on their own. HTSA will provide a contact list of coaches for teams from the surrounding areas. 

Please contact the us if you have any questions regarding the recreational league.


In addition to our recreational league, HTSA is also offering the following programs for the 2019-2020 season. 

Anyone registered in our recreational league can add additional training with our staff coaches by registering for Lil' Hawks (for players born 2012-2015) or the Pro-Skills Clinic (for players born 2001-2011).  Registration in the recreational league is MANDATED for participation in any additional recreational training program.

HTSA is building upon the success of its Academy program by offering HTSA Academy (for players born in 2011) and Blackhawks Juniors (for players born in 2010). Detailed information on these programs is also available on the website. This is NOT part of the recreational league.

And back by popular demand is our three year old program for players born in 2016. 

Detailed information on each program is available by clicking on the links above.


Please consider volunteering. HTSA is taking these steps to help encourage volunteers:

  • All volunteer coaches will receive a refund of their player’s registration fees.
  • All volunteer coaches will receive weekly training sessions from our DOC, Matt Ferguson to help layout practice sessions for each week.
  • All volunteer coaches can request help from one of our staff coaches with their training sessions.
  • If needed, HTSA is looking into having staff coaches train teams and have the volunteer coaches in charge of the weekend games.
  • All coaches must attend a CPR training course. They will be offered on July 27th @ 9:00 a.m. and August 21st @ 6:00 p.m. Both courses will take place @ TGMC.

We continue to need more coaches in our recreational program. Understandably, some parents are reluctant to coach because they have not grown up playing soccer and are afraid to coach. Some of our current coaches will help you conduct your first few practices and help you become a soccer coach. If you coach, your child's registration fee will be waived. With the financial help and a current coach to help you start off, there is absolutely no reason not to try it! We will help train and support you through it. Most of our coaches find it tremendously rewarding. We need you and the children need you!


Team Formation Guidelines

On August 13th, a list of all players who registered during the regular registration period (through August 12th) will be exported and team formation will begin with this list. Placement will be done as follows:

  1. Any returning players who request to remain with their previous season’s coach will be placed accordingly as long as their previous coach returns and is in the same age group as the player.*
  2. Any returning player whose coach does not return or whose coach has moved to another age group will be placed. All efforts will be made to place players based upon the requests made in their registration application.
  3. Any returning player who requests to move to a different team will be placed. All efforts will be made to place players based upon the requests made in their registration application.
  4. New players will be placed in order of their registration date. All efforts will be made to place players based upon the requests made in their registration application.

Placement of players per the above guidelines is dependent upon having enough coaches to form enough teams to accommodate all registrants.

Players who register during the regular registration period and are not able to be placed according to the request in their registration application, will be placed on another team (provided that enough coaches volunteer to accommodate the total number of registrations) before any late registered players are placed.

After all players who register by August 13th (through August 12th) are placed per the above guidelines, late registered players will be placed based upon their registration date. Again, all efforts will be made to place players according to the request in their registration application.

Coaching Exception – If there is a team that needs a coach in order to be formed, a player(s) whose parent agrees to volunteer and coach the team in need of a coach will be given priority placement on that team.


*There may be instances in which the combination of age groups on teams in the older age groups are changed due to current registration numbers. This might result in a player not being able to remain with their previous season’s coach.