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Where Are They Now?

By Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association, 08/21/17, 7:45PM CDT


Ashlynn Folse

‘Where Are They Now?’ puts the spotlight on former players from Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association who have furthered their soccer careers beyond Blackhawks or Ladyhawks at the collegiate level.

Ashlynn Folse is a sophomore and winger for Louisiana College competing in NCAA Division 3 for the 2017-18 season, and formerly played in the association from the age of 13 to 18. caught up with Ashlynn recently and asked her to tell us about her time with the Wildcats in more detail...

Tell us a little about your early years in soccer.

I started playing soccer in the fourth grade because all my friends played, so I wanted to play too. After a few games of playing U10/U12 soccer with TSA I realized soccer was my sport. So, when our team started to drift and slowly decrease in number I decided to move to HTSA to develop and improve my skills. 

Why play college soccer?

I wanted to play college soccer because it is something I wanted to experience at the next level along with my love for the game. Also, Ladyhawks pushed me to be my best, and deepened my desire for the game. 

Tell us a little about the recruitment process for your college? 

The recruitment process is all about making yourself known in the form of videos and stats. Many of the tournaments that I attended on the competitive level had college coaches or representatives present. Also, it's not just talent, but academics as well. I chose Louisiana College because I knew the coach on a personal level, I wanted to stay in Louisiana, and the spiritual and academic environment Louisiana College offers can't be beat. 

Tell us why you think the college coaching staff selected you.

Coach Sam Etherington chose me because of my work ethic and determination both on and off the field. Also, she knows I am dependable, hard working, and always setting personal goals to make myself a better player.

What were your goals when you first joined your college soccer program?

My initial goal in playing soccer at the college level was just to simply be useful/ helpful to my team and to improve my game. With scoring a goal my freshmen year I am moving on to my sophomore year with the same goal: to improve my personal game and contribute to helping my team. 

Tell us a little about how you have grown and developed as a person and as a player during your time at Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association.

HTSA developed me into the player I am today with the help of Matt Ferguson, Ed Bice, Kristen Fillmore, and Philip Amedee. These coaches saw my talent and helped me advance, improve, and develop, into a true soccer player by having challenging but useful sessions (sometimes 3 days a week), and by competing with and against the best. 

What is your most memorable individual moment from your time with Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association?

My most memorable moment in HTSA was my first year being an 'outsider' and coach Phil supporting and reassuring me with the game. 

Talk us through a typical week in the life of a college soccer player.

Pre-season, for example, consists of practice two times a day and lasts for roughly two weeks. Practice runs about two hours which HTSA has prepared me for. Once games begin, we usually practice once a day for two hours, but if we have a game during the week we get to rest the next day (sometimes). College soccer and competitive soccer differ concerning practice sessions and travel, and overall the game is more competitive and physical. 

What is the best part of playing soccer at college?

The best part of playing soccer at Louisiana College is the camaraderie with teammates, training, and competition. 

What is next for you and your own personal development?

For my personal development, I still strive and push myself to excel athletically, academically, and spiritually. I want to gain recognition for myself, the sport, and for LC and DIII athletics. 

What is your ultimate goal, and how important is your college soccer program in helping you towards that?

A personal goal is to play soccer, start all four years, and make myself and my school known.

What is your advice to a player from Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association thinking about playing college soccer?

My advice for anyone wanting to play soccer at the next level is to get your name out there early even if you’re not 100% sure. Contact coaches and attend camps. Good luck!