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ODP In The Spotlight

By Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association, 08/21/17, 7:45PM CDT


Lucas Fanguy

ODP In The Spotlight highlights players from Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association who have furthered their soccer education by trying out and being selected for the Louisiana Olympic Development Program (ODP).

Lucas Fanguy is a goalkeeper for the Blackhawks 02 Black competing in LCSL 16U Comp 2 for the 2017-18 season, coached by one of our YEScoaches Glen Murray. caught up with Lucas recently and asked him to tell us about his time with Louisiana ODP in more detail...

ODP coach name: Greg Comeaux / Kiran Booluck

ODP age group: 2002 (U16)

Position at ODP: Goalkeeper

Played against (results): South Carolina ODP (lost 0-2), Alabama ODP (won 1-0), North Carolina (lost 0-2)

For how long have you been representing Louisiana at ODP?  

This was my first to try-out and my first year to represent Louisiana for ODP. 

Why tryout for Louisiana ODP? 

I had been approached by several coaches for a few years who told me I should tryout for ODP. I finally decided to try-out so that I could improve my game and get the experience of playing at a higher level. 

Tell us a little about the tryout process for Louisiana ODP? 

Tryouts were in Lafayette, Baton Rouge & Alexandria. It was very professional and they took everything very serious.  They told us up front what was expected. The took us goalkeepers to our own area to work with us and then later they mixed us with field players. I didn't feel the best after my first tryout, but felt that my second tryout went much better. 

Tell us why you think the Louisiana ODP coaching staff selected you. 

I think I was selected because I'm physical, mental and tactical. I listened to the coaches and did everything they asked of me.  I also try my best every time I step on the field, even on bad days. 

What were your goals when you first joined Louisiana ODP? 

To show the coaches what I was made of. Also, to improve my game, learn more skills in my position and to become a better goalkeeper. 

Tell us a little about how you have grown and developed as a person and as a player during your time there. 

I see soccer so differently now since I've been a part of Louisiana ODP.  I feel that I have grown so much since that experience both as a player and as a person.  I'm definitely more confident in my position and in myself. 

What is your most memorable individual moment from your time with Louisiana ODP? 

At regional camp, keepers would have their own training every night.  My team coaches were told by the goalkeeper coaches that I was the stand-out after training one night.  They were impressed with how well I was doing especially since I was playing up an age group.  I was very excited to get that compliment with so many other talented players out there. 

Describe a time that challenged you and how you worked around it.  

When I was in a game and my confidence wasn't the best, the coaches told me that I needed to talk more from the back.  I listened to what they told me and then they complimented me on how I was doing an amazing job communicating.  I have kept that skill and lesson with me since that time and see that it makes a big difference in my game. 

What lessons have you learned along the way? 

I have learned how to be a better person and what it takes to be an elite player. 

Talk us through a typical practice.

At regional camp, we practiced as a team in the mornings.  In the evening, I had goalkeeper training for an hour and then would have another evening practice with my team.  We would then sit and watch the evening pool games so we could support our team mates and learn from that as well. 

What is the best part of Louisiana ODP? 

Getting to see all the talented players from all over our region and making new friends from around the state and our region.  The competition is so stiff that it makes you work ten times harder than you normally would. The coaches were amazing to work with and although they were hard on us, they also made it fun.  

What is the worst part? 

Having to wake up so early but the sacrifices are all worth it!

What is next for you and your own personal development? 

For me, I see that I work much harder now that I have seen the best of the best in our region.  There is so much amazing talent in our region.  I want to be the best that I can be.  I will absolutely try-out again. My long-term goal is to be a collegiate player. 

What is your number one goal as a player, and how important is Louisiana ODP in helping you towards that? 

My number one goal is to get my education so that I can go to college and play soccer.  I feel that Louisiana ODP has set me on the right path towards that already since college coaches are out at the regional camps watching us.  

Sum Louisiana ODP up in one sentence. 

Hard working, elite soccer players having fun while learning. 

What is your advice to a player from Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association thinking about trying out for Louisiana ODP? 

Put your all into everything you do.  Prove to your coaches what you are made of.  Be serious! Even if you think you had a bad first tryout, try again! 


To find out more about Louisiana ODP, click here to visit the Louisiana Soccer Association website.